Wexford County

      Map of Wexford County's location

      Located in Northern Lower Michigan, Wexford County boasts a population of approximately 35,000, with a combination of an industrial/recreational demographic base.  Here you will find information about county departments, contact information for departments and commissioners, and more!

      Location Information

      Phone: (231) 779-9453
      Fax: (231) 779-9745


      Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

      Important Announcements

      Recreation Plan

      Wexford County Recreation Plan 2019

      Volunteer Opportunities

      Wexford County is currently seeking volunteers to serve on various Standing and Special Committees, Board and Commissions. Click here for more information Appointment Application

      Wexford County Technology Action Plan

      The purpose of this report is to summarize the community’s assessment of local broadband access, adoption, and use, as well as the best next steps for addressing any deficiencies or opportunities for improving the local technology ecosystem. To...

      Cedar Creek 2018 Water Quality Report

      To read the Cedar Creek 2018 Water Quality Report please click the link below. 2018 Water Quality Report Cedar Creek Twp

      Emergency Management Alerts

      To always stay informed have Emergency Management Alerts sent right to your cellphone. To enroll click the link below! Emergency Management Alerts